Friday, October 30, 2009


Yesterday I got a call that my son came home from school. I tried to keep the worry out of my head, but the worrier I am made me almost sick to my stomach. He was at his Dad's for the afternoon, so I knew he was fine, but still with all that is going around right now, PANIC seems to be the reaction.

Once I picked him up, I could see he was not himself. He had glossy eyes & his regularly pale skin had changed to a shade of olive green. HERE WE GO....

Yet the car ride home gave me a different impression. He was talking, but not in the OH I'M SO SICK VOICE. He's been listening to me finally see my summer post here
The whole way home he kept saying, yes I'm sick, but not that H1N1 kind of sick,I'm a healthy kid, I just need to feel better.
I told him that his good attitude will help him get better quicker.

So throughout the rest of the day we watched movies in between bouts of coughing.

Today we went to the Doctor's. I gave him the full details, told him that I'd be willing to take any recommendations & medications required.

The Doctor said that he had the beginning stages of Bronchitis & not to PANIC! He said it was good he came in right away before it advanced. Apparently this is going around as well, but with all the other stuff no one really takes a 2nd look at it. He prescribed cough syrup & said it would pass in a few days.

He also wants him to have the H1N1 shot, but not until he has fully recovered (he thinks next week). He also said that the H1N1 shot is not the regular flu shot & he should get that as well.

So we are happy with news & guess what my son's question for the doctor was.....

Can I still go trick or treating?

That was his biggest concern.

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