Friday, October 23, 2009

The Hunt for the PERFECT Hat!

Hi Everyone
Thanks again for visiting! So with Halloween right around the corner I thought I'd let you in on the costume happenings around here.
This year my son didn't pick out his own costume. Weird I know for a 10yr old not to have a say in his costume, but here's how the story goes.....

Last January I was at the DISNEY OUTLET in Vaughn Mills (love that store). They had a Captain Jack Sparrow costume for $12, please read that again TWELVE DOLLARS!!!!!!!!! This is the Official Licensed one they sell at Disney World for $60 US.

I grabbed it as it was the only one. It came with everything except the hat. I figured it would be easy enough to find a hat around Halloween since they were everywhere last year.

Yes well perhaps I was kidding myself....

Nowhere are there any Jack Sparrow hats! Just the red sash with the dreads. Not really my son's cup of tea. As I've scrambled all around KW all I get offered is sashes w/dreads, until finally

I FOUND IT............

& the cost was, wait for it, wait for it....


Did you do the quick math? Full Jack Sparrow costume = $20
Pics of it to come next week!
Wondering what Pre-Halloween events are happening this week?
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