Thursday, February 18, 2010

Different Era (Thankfully)

Last night I took my son to East Side Marios (FYI Kids eat free is on from Mon-Wed where we live).
We sat so we could see the screen with the Canadian Women's Hockey playing Sweden.

My son asked Do you know how many medals the Canadian Women's Hockey team has won? I said I know at least 2 gold medals
(I've since looked it up 1998 - Won Silver Medal 2002 - Won Gold Medal 2006 - Won Gold Medal)

& he responded THAT'S IT? Only 2 we're known for hockey!!! Why only 2?

That's when it clicked.

I told him that the Women's hockey has only been recognized as an Olympic Sport for the last 3 Winter Games (as well as the one we were currently watching).

He asked WHY?

Goes to show you how things change. He's not from the mindset that girls can't play sports. He doesn't have a sister so it's not like he can see her play. It's great to know that our kids have a different mindset.

It also makes much more sense to why he laughs so hard at this EGGS commercial. He keeps saying, those guys don't know that these girls are in the Olympics. Most chuckle because of the whole girls playing hockey thing.

I'm glad to know there's a shift in this thinking. No more Us VS Them when it comes to sports. We can all play (well except me, due to an extreme lack of co-ordination, but I'll cheer from the sidelines).

Here's another great example of sports commercials with more forward thinking