Saturday, December 19, 2009

My 1st Retail Giveaway!

Squeeballs Party Screenshot
Hey there Holiday readers, hope you are well this holiday season!

Things are very exciting around my place! We're busy playing Squeeballs for Nintendo Wii & DS

This game is rated E10, which is perfect for my son!

It's a game about being a toy tester. As a player you must run these toys balls through a variety of challenges to see if they hold up under the Extreme playing situations.
The Squeeballs that pass the tests make it off their island & can go to the toy store.
It's truly a fun & silly game, which makes it perfect for family play.
There are several ways to play it. On our Wii we chose PARTY MODE so we could take turns playing the challenges on the Ladder. As you get better, more challenges are unlocked & added to the Ladder.
I don't know about the DS version yet, as my son won't let me get my hands on it (so I'm guessing that's a good thing).

Want to see why we're giggling all day with this game? Take a look at this short video
Also on the site you can see other info about the game by clicking the buttons on the blender (yup you get to blend a Squeeball - too funny!)

I'm giving away a copy of Squeeballs for Wii & a separate copy of Squeeballs for DS.
Here's how to enter

Answer this question in the comment section... Where do the Squeeballs that pass the tests end up? Answer that along with your name & email in the comment section.

I know some of you like to get extra entries, so for each of these you do, leave a separate comment for each one you have done

1. Follow me on twitter @those2girls
2. Tweet this... Wow @those2girls are doing @Squeeballs giveaway here #squeeballs
3. RSVP to the TWTvite for MeFest on the sidebar of this page.
4. Join the Those 2 Girls Facebook group & leave a comment on the wall there
5. Put a link from your Blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel to this post, send me the links for them

Winners will be contacted by email

Alright everyone hope you all have a great time over the Holidays!
This contest ends at Midnight NEW YEARS EVE so get in on it before that GIANT SQUEEBALL in NEW YORK drops-ha!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Star Wars in Concert

As many of you know we went to STAR WARS IN CONCERT last week.
It was well worth the ticket price & I would go again.

I made it an early Christmas gift for my Tween & myself, as we are both STAR WARS FANS!

We got there early & somehow got in with EARLY VIP's (one of those right time, right place kind of things). This meant no lineups for the Displays. Yes that's right DISPLAYS!! All from George Lucas's archives. So awesome!
Here's 4 clips
1st is a slideshow of the displays, made by me with my pics (& with fun music to make the 2 minutes go by fast)

The 2nd clip is not from me, but you get an overview of the show
(no video or flash photography allowed during the show & I wasn't going to risk it after the price I paid for tickets)

This clip is also not from me, but just to show you, we'd be watching the screen & forget that it's a live orchestra playing the music (the music is not added to the film). See you catch yourself forgetting as well

This final clip (again not mine) is to show how each piece was presented.
First Anthony Daniels, the actor who played C3PO (okay the GOLD ROBOT for those who still don't know who I mean) would introduce the piece live on stage, then the orchestra would play while the segmanet played on the GIANORMOUS screen!

There were two standing ovations for the show. For the second ovation Anthony Daniels came out in a Toronto Maple Leaf Jersey with the #3 on it (do you get it?)

So as you can tell it's all still fresh in my mind & I will sign off by saying