Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Math & Cleaning made FUN?

My son is on a mission for some new Star Wars action figures ('cause the huge bin of them just isn't enough-ha!)
So he's decided instead of begging he'll be a little more sly & convince me he's going to earn them. How's he doing that? Well he says he'll clean up the areas of the house he's responsible for (rec room, toy room & his room).
As wonderful as it sounds, I know that it will become an unfinished project unless he gets some motivation. He likes to start then, then stops & I get "Is this done enough?"
Yesterday I had an idea, we played something I called DOUBLE IT!
You know the old story were the man says he'll start at a penny & the amount gets doubled each day & he is quickly a rich man.
I put my own spin on it.
I also made it a contest between the 2 of us.
The rules are we each pick up one thing & see who does it first. Then we keep doubling the amounts of things we had to pick up.
One item, then doubled is 2 items, then 4 items, then 8 items, once it got to 16 items there was a bit of a math challenge in there for him as well. We got up to 64 items each & the room was back to normal.
Do you think this might work at your house?

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  1. I like the idea of turning it into a game.


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