Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Slang is something that will always be a part of TWEEN language.

In the 50's it was words like NeatO! &
The 60's brought forth Groovy & Psychedelic
For the 70's it was Macho & Out A Sight
The 80's there was the whole "Valley Talk" Gnarly, Tubular,
The 90's gave us Sweeeeeet & Doh & my fave Not a Fan or Not So Much, as well as the act of "dis"ing others & trash talk (both basically the same)
Now that we're are well into the 2000's the word weird has been replaced with random, the expression Shocking is now "wow this got Real" Uber is the new Very & Sweeeet is now Nicccccce.

I thought I had all the lingo down pat. I felt I can keep up & then I heard it...


"I was playing a game & one guy cheated! That was so CHEAP" said my son

CHEAP is the new rotten (bad, not called for, etc)

Who knew?

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