Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Meaning to TUB of LEGO

It's been very chilly in the evenings her in KW, so that means every time you open the door (to let the dog in/out) a gazillion little bugs want to enter as well.

I thought we were doing well by keeping the outside light off when opening the door, but then I heard it...

"MOM MOM MOM there's an earwig in the LEGO tub"
CRAP CRAP CRAP is more like it.

We keep our LEGO in a big Rubbermaid Tub with a lid, hence our LEGO TUB.
Well this incident sure changed the meaning of a Big LEGO TUB

Yup after I got the earwig out, I clean all the LEGO. I gave it a bath in OUR tub (with some bubble bath). Seems easy enough, but the trick is getting it out without losing any of those OH SO TINY, but yet OH SO IMPORTANT pieces. You know the ones, the little sticks & buttons that hold the Star Wars sets togther.

So I put a big towel around the drain so when I pulled the plug we wouldn't have to worry about pieces heading down the pipe.
Next I grabbed the plastic strainer to scoop everything out of the tub. That was when I realized I got more than I bargained for.
There was pet hair, dimes, candy wrappers, pieces of pencil crayons, action figures & all the other things boys like to keep in their pockets, amongst the OH SO PRECIOUS LEGO.

I kept scooping & finally finished. I put all the LEGO on a towel to dry & realized it looked like a page from an I SPY BOOK.
Can You Find Darth Vader?

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  1. Awesome....all the Lego NOT the earwig that is. I'm going share this with my son. Or maybe I won't because then he'll want to give HIS Lego a bath... ;)