Sunday, January 17, 2010

What to watch with a Tween ?!?!?!?!!?

I myself am looking forward to the arrival of THE A-TEAM to theatres this summer (take a look)
Once again I'm up in the air if it's appropriate for my son.

Seeing this brings me back to the days of watching shows like
THE A-TEAM & THE DUKES OF HAZZARD. These were just fun shows filled with comedy & adventure (& a lot of car chases).
Where are those shows now?
Heck I'd even settle for something like Love Boat or the Cosby Show we can watch & not have to discuss later.
Everything now is full of CRIME DRAMA or INAPPROPRIATE COMEDY for his age.

What happened TV networks?

Did you forget families do like to watch TV together? You know, just turn it on & click to something funny or action packed.
If you want to do that now, it involves renting a movie (which then means making popcorn, turing the house into movie theatre etc).

What do we watch?
Survior, YTV & Sports

Survivor is funny & adventurous. He gets bored during the monologues, but joins me to see the challenges & the voting at the end.

YTV has shows like Drake & Josh, as well as iCarly (but have heard those shows are moving to Nick Canada & I think I'll have to pay to get that channel).

As for Sports. This used to be the true fun experience for us. We would watch the games at night & in the morning we'd watch the Sportscentre highlights.
That all changed with Tiger Woods. Not that I think Athletes are role models, it's just that one morning Sportscentre spent most of it's show talking about that whole fiasco. I kept clicking away & back to the station since I kept hearing "I really want to see the scores". I'd click back, still talking about Tiger. Click away & click back & the announcers are talking about Tiger. Click away & click back, now everyone on the show is joking about Tiger.

Seriously? I when did TSN become TMZ ?

So here I am hoping that the A-TEAM movie will be so successful that they make a TV spinoff, which would then bring that whole thing full circle (expecting the new plotlines not to be extremly violent & controversial).

One can only hope.

What do watch with your children? I'd love to hear, maybe we would enjoy it too!

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